Monday, January 7, 2008

Pulling Signs Already?

I'm kind of amused that someone is pulling campaign signs already. Saturday night, I had to replace all the signs in the Bearden/Rocky Hill area. I mean, I'm unopposed in the primary, so what's the point? Are one of the 4-B Republicans so confident they're going to win the primary, his people are already on the move? Or is it just some loon (and if so, why mine)?

I've always seen the pulling of sign as a sign of weakness. I mean, a sign is not the message. If you think the presence of your candidate's signs and the absence of mine is going to tilt the election in your favor, you're already working from a position of weakness, aren't you? Doesn't that mean your ideas have no traction?

I consider it a complement that someone is worried already.

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