Thursday, January 24, 2008

Metropulse Article & Interesting Appointment Idea

"The primary is between]..forces aligned with County Mayor Mike Ragsdale or the anti-Ragsdale faction."

Um.... not all of us. That's a pretty broad statement to make, but this article doesn't show a lot of depth of research beyond reading the KNS. I can name at least three candidates for the Fourth that aren't aligned with factions, would not align themselves with factions if elected, and would hold everyone's feet to the fire with respect to the law. But apparently, that's not interesting ink.

"The Commission has voted to look at the primary results from Feb. 5 in picking replacements ...Picking a primary winner as a placeholder (bestowing incumbency) means picking between the winners of the Democratic or Republican primary"

Unless they pick a primary non-winner as a caretaker. :) I understand Commissioner Larry Smith may push this approach. I think it's a great way to cut the Gordian knot, with people who are clearly interested in serving, but such an appointment avoids the appearance of Commission giving a general election candidate the advantage of incumbency.

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