Friday, January 11, 2008

People don't do what you EXPECT, they do what you INSPECT

At the Riverbend Homeowner's meeting, I showed these pictures of a construction site on Northshore drive. I had previously looked at the site and taken pictures of the silt fences, since they were clearly insufficient/improper for the site. This is the result.

See the movie (2.8MB)

Not all developers work this way- in fact, I've seen a lot of sites with good installations, and found most developers responsive (the K-25 bank site near Pellissippi was very responsive and hasn't had a problem since my call about the problem they had with their SE corner). But our codes enforcement must be consistent, and it needs to be aimed at educating those developers that perhaps don't know how exactly to manage runoff in heavy rains. First violations should be coupled with a mandatory education program. Consistent violations need to be met with strict enforcement provisions.

This can't be allowed to continue.

Another win-win solution might be for the County to purchase modern automated silt fence plows and lease them to smaller developers that can't afford the capital investment.

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