Monday, December 24, 2007

Why Exaggerate?

I was struck by two things occurring in the same day's paper today- in the letters to the editor, Steve Eldridge, president of the North Hills Area Association called candidate Bruce Wilson (2nd) out for claiming that he had met with the Association when (according to Eldridge) he hadn't.

In the West Shopper section, under paid advertising, the Richard "Cate Update" lists accomplishments under County Commission that Mr. Cate didn't have a chance to deliberate or vote on (Recall, God resolution, Halls TIF). The implication is that somehow Mr. Cate had a hand in these? Otherwise, why list them in your political ad?

He also mentions that he "is volunteering his time to attend Commission meetings." I assume that's going forward- I've been the last three meetings, and only saw Mr. Cate at the last one. You'd also have to call hanging out in the back yapping with Brian Hornback and Lee Tramel as "attending meetings." To me, that's a pretty loose resolution.

Why exaggerate? The voters want integrity. I happily admit that I didn't attend ALL of the marathon meeting last week- I had a family obligation and I had to leave at 8:40 (but I watched the rest online later, and nothing coming up would be anything I would speak to). I hope to go to all the upcoming meetings, but if I miss one, I'll sure tell you about it.

An old quote (I think it was J.C. Watts) says "Integrity means doing the right thing when nobody's looking." That starts with doing the right thing when people are looking, doesn't it? If you can't master the latter, you sure can't master the former, and clearly we have to have Commissioners who can do the right thing behind closed doors.


Brian Hornback said...

Hey, Thanks for the mention Steve. I remember talking to you in the back of the Main Assembly Room the same evening.

Anonymous said...

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