Tuesday, December 18, 2007

But The Taxpayers Lost

County Commission has now set a dangerous precedent by giving $5M to support a commercial development. Now the developers will be lining up at the trough, and the citizens will find ourselves $30M in additional debt and without the room to maneuver to build other infrastructure like roads and schools. It's one thing to offer a TIF to compete with another city for a new business to locate in Knox County, but our retail needs only grow at a rate commensurate with population and economic growth (maybe 7% per year combined). Building beyond that rate (400,000 SF??) simply empties a store somewhere else.

What happened to the free market? And the Scott Moore connection is further evidence that our rules for disclosure of conflicts of interests must be extended to include family members.

I can't believe the "you did it too" attitude of travel allowances and KCSO bonuses. Clearly, we need more transparency in what is going on at all levels. I'm thinking now that travel, clothing, and all "fringe" benefits should be submitted to and approved by a citizen's review board or something along those lines.

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