Thursday, November 29, 2007

The "Triple Pledge"

On the Knoxnews site, a spirited discussion on the proposed weakening of the Open Meetings Act.

Brian Paone, of the Recall Amendment movement, proposed three actions current and future commissioners could take.

* A pledge to disclose any and all contacts with any individuals on any matter on any Commission agenda.
* Complete and total disclosure of any political ties before Election Day.
* A commitment to disclose and recuse themselves from any vote or discussion in any matter that directly affects their business interests, or those of ANY relatives.

My response:

Brian- count me in as pledging to all three of your proposals. The first two are already on my web site. The declaration of conflicts in votes seems obvious to me, but I guess I should post it for good measure.

And if somehow I get on commission and violate any of those pledges, I'll be the first person to sign onto my own recall petition.

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