Thursday, November 15, 2007

Knox News Sentinal Articles On County Expenses

An interesting article on Sheriff's Department clothing expenses can be found here.

A less interesting article on travel expenses can be found here.

Or you can just view the KnoxViews summary.

Interestingly, on the Knoxnews comments, I found these disturbing comments:

The clothing allowance IS a perk given to those “Haves” and not given to the “Have Nots” I was employed by the Sheriff’s Dept for over 10 years and sometimes I was given a clothing allowance and sometimes I didn’t. It depended on my “Good old boy” status.

My brother in law worked for the sheriff in a civilian capacity...Either you play the game and support the sheriff 100%, or you do not receive the bennies. And God help you if you should happen to say "Hi" to someone who is supporting an opponent!!!

Sounds like the perks are just used to cement political position. For that reason, the good members of the KSCO will end up being punished by losing needed allowances.

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