Monday, November 19, 2007

Live Blogging- Fourth District Representation Delayed Again

I'm thoroughly disgusted with the decision tonight by County Commission to put off the December forums and appointment process for another TWO MONTHS.

This idea that the primaries will give Commission some window into the hearts of voters is unfounded. Most primary candidates have already expressed that they will not seek appointment (and the winner would probably have to be crazy to accept appointment after winning the primary), so it would go to a 'second place' or 'third place' or... well, in some cases, to nobody who actually ran.

Ruthie Kuhlman made a great speech telling Commission that they need to "get on with it" and to do their jobs. Good try, but the Fourth will continue to live in darkness. I wouldn't be surprised if someone in the Fourth doesn't file a new lawsuit over Commission failing to do what they are supposed to. It CAN be done in an open way, that's what the law allows (and requires).

To put it more plainly- if the Commission had its normal 19 members, and two representatives of the Fourth died/resigned and left vacancies, would we accept Commission leaving those seats open for over four months? Clearly not.

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whatmeworry? said...

A case of paralysis by analysis or of being afraid to shoot themselves in the foot?I find it upsetting that after all the clamoring for openness and the supposed desire for public input,we once again are manipulated by the rascals.Evidently,there's still infighting among the factions.Scoobie couldn't lead a group of fat kids through a refrigerator full of rocky road ice cream right now and if someone besides him had brought up the motion,it may have passed.He's poison right now and everyone's keeping him at arm's length.