Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fred Sisk- Unethical Behavior

I was floored when I received my annual property tax assessment letter. Not by the assessment or the taxes- not at all. I was shocked to see that Fred Sisk used our tax dollars to create and insert campaign literature into the mailing. To me, that kind of behavior is criminal misuse of our tax dollars, and he should be immediately required to personally reimburse the County for every penny used to create, print, and insert those brochures. No less of a remedy should be required!!!

I'm probably going to say this 100 times in this blog before election day, but they just don't get it. The leadership in Knox County from top to bottom (OK, there are a few exceptions) don't understand the law, can't comprehend the basic concepts of ethical behavior, and they will never change. At best, they will appoint more cronies and friends who will behave the exact same way.

Knox County government needs new faces, unconnected to the political machines that have been running this county. Elaine and I are two of those faces, and we're stepping up to the plate to get involved. But we can't do it without YOUR help.

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