Sunday, October 28, 2007

Non-Election Stuff: I might be on TV tonight

The family will be watching Extreme Home Makeover closely tonight, since this was the house I got to work on out near Pinon, AZ this spring. It was one of EMHE's more difficult projects, since it was out in the middle of nowhere (4 hour drive from the closest airport... PHX or Sante Fe, take your pick), crazy weather (we had a heat wave, rain, a dust storm, and snow fall in the same day), and we built a pretty high-tech "green" house (solar collectors, wind generators... it will be a net zero electricity house).

Since I had some experience building furniture in the home shop, I got tapped to work in the art tent with the 'talent'. Lots of interesting stories there- but I did really enjoy working with Johnny Littlefield, he's an all-around good guy, along with Big D, the shop foreman. Who knows, I might be in shot somewhere tonight. Either way, it was a great experience, and the emotion on the crew is no less than that of the home audience- and you don't need the music soundtrack to help you along.

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Steve said...

Well, technically I'm visible for about 0.1 seconds as we're installing Garrett's bed... LOL. I'm the red hat/jacket in the foreground. But that ramp bed was a work of art, and I'm really proud of it (and the fact that it was built in less than 6 hours..Michael kept changing the design up until the last minute).

If you want to know how to build one- it's basically a frame of 2x4's, some angled along the facing, with 1/4" masonite *stapled* to the frame. It was built in three sections (the two sides and the center section, with a facing for the bed) and joined together, so the tolerances had to be pretty tight on those three curves to match. Lotsa Bondo to fill the staple holes and match the seam. Prime and paint. Oh, and tell the "talent" he can't change the design once the staples go in. :)