Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reference: Knox Co/City Stormwater Differences

This document lists the complaints the City has regarding the Knox County stormwater provisions. The first point seems like a pretty major hamstringing of the rule!


clunfler said...

Besides the fact you are not considering the absurdity of comparing the 2001 City regs w/ the new County regs after it was agreed by both to look at *current* regulations, you are also misinterpreting the meaning of the language. Good debate begins with a clear understanding of the facts.

Steve said...

Thanks- I just located the County's letter regarding the 2001 regs and was just about to post it!


Yes, I'm very curious as to why/how the city would confuse their own current regulations. Is it more likely that the County is confused about what current City regs are, or that the City doesn't know its own regs? Good debate doesn't always assume that one side or the other is more accurate than the other- I'd say this question deserves more looking into.

There's always the possibility that the City purposely drew up a letter comparing County's new regs to City old regs on purpose to embarrass the County Commission, but how long would it take before that came to light? C'mon, that's just crazy.

It will be interesting to see how this turns, though.

clunfler said...

I was only saying to bring it up, get the facts straight. I am quite certain neither engineering department was confused, but the situation has created a strange chance for everyone ELSE to posture and make some strange gross & inaccurate statements comparing ordinances & assigning liability for flooding and compliance with federal regulations. It's sad to watch it & know how much more money is going to be wasted on what amounts to more MISinformation than anything else.

Steve said...

I agree- if this is a move by the City to simply posture, then things have fallen into really bad shape. IF I have the fortune of winning a seat on Commission, it's unclear how much standing I would have to get involved in their little meetings- this debate is really an executive-to-executive issue. As an engineer, I'd certainly hope to bring some technical expertise to my collegues, and maybe that would help clear the smoke away. I'm still finding and studying some of the relevant documents on this (while trying to launch a campaign- hah!), so more later, I suppose.

Have you ever heard of the book "The Wisdom of Crowds", by chance?

Anonymous said...
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