Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Silence is on YOUR SIDE, media folks....

I was watching Tennessee This Week and almost hit the floor with Gene Patterson and Frank Cagle commented that "you have a lot of people running in the August election, and you haven't heard a peep out of them [about the charter petition amendments]."

Hmmm. I guess you didn't get the press releases and you forgot the conversations we've had in the back of the City County meeting room or the call-ins to your shows.

I commented to Georgiana Vines that the Charter Petition discussion was "sucking the oxygen out of the room" with regards to the election. We have a boatload of other issues that need to be brought out and discussed before the election- growth issues, the coming changes related to air quality non-compliance, the budget crisis, ethics issues, etc., and time is running short. Us candidates are happy to discuss these things (and I routinely comment on these issues on my blog), but please don't pin the blame on us and call is silent on the issues.

Give us a call. We'd be happy to discuss these things with you. My phone # is 228-2263, and it's on 24/7. Early voting starts in about 10 weeks. For those of you with Sunday talk shows, think about how many candidate appearances you need to fit in that time frame.

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Brian Paone said...

Don't worry, Steve - you candidates will be hearing from Political Knoxville soon enough!

By the way, we listened to your concerns about the navigation and font issues, and invite you to check out the new website.


Brian Paone
Political Knoxville