Monday, May 19, 2008

Issues At County Commission Committee Meeting this AM

The budget, of course....

  • Liquor by the drink in the unincorporated areas of Knox County? [This would require a referendum, can't be done by ordinance, withdrawn]
  • Do we need to create rules for electronic billboards in Knox County?
  • Gallegher Drive/Gleason Improvement Project (affecting many in the Fourth District)
  • Was Rutherford Moss' contribution to the Hospitality Fund a sufficient conflict of interest to prevent renewal of his contract for the annual financial audit? Committees voted to recommend renewal of his countract, with a few (4?) objections.
  • Commission wants more control of the School Board superintendent and control of their budget. Given the previous lack of interest by Commission in budget summits with the school board, this seems very misplaced.
  • Proposed cutting % of hotel/motel tax reinvested in the Tourism board (from 45% to 40%, most other counties reinvest 52%).

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