Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tedford Fire / Seminar

The fire is an on again / off again event at this point. We don't have the same kind of combustion as we did earlier (with open flame, requiring dousing), just the very hot / smoldering / incomplete combustion stage. Monitoring of the excavation still indicates that the material is still tree trimming waste.

The forecast was that the site had been fully excavated "down to natural grade" approx a month ago. Apparently, the excavation just covered the two known fire/sinkhole areas and the new fire is in an area between the two holes. The true extent of the dumping area isn't well known to the County.

That may necessitate the removal of some of the material (AFTER soil testing) to allow full excavation of the side areas, which may still have wood waste. The SE side, to the right side from Tedford, is suspect IMHO, I've seen small plumes from the soil on the right side of the ridge.

The neighborhood association president (Jamey Dobbs) and I discussed pros/cons of moving at least some of the material off-site to allow full excavation and prevent re-ignition from compression of still unlocated seams of material. However, even partial material removal would be the the $300K to $500K range. We should be having a meeting with the county next Wednesday, and I understand they have done some work already on a plan for final disposition of the site. Soil samples should be back in the next day or two as well.

If you received a letter about the presentation on the Tedford Road Fire, Monday, March 24, at the West Knoxville Library (on Golfclub Rd), the time is 6:00 pm, not 7:00 pm.

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