Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Commission Update / News

Committee meetings ran until about 2:30 yesterday. The two biggest items are:

(1) Intergovernmental voted to create a Charter Review Committee. If you're not familiar, this is the other way to amend the charter. The Committee would be formed by one commissioner in each district, and 10 to 18 citizens from the various districts, all selected by the County Mayor. This committee's amendments would be voted on in the November (Presidential) ballot. Confused yet? This throws a major wrench in Knox Charter Petition, which will have to regroup in light of this move. It may be a move to stop KCP, but putting the committee selection in the hands of the Mayor may be the proverbial cutting your nose off to spite your face.

(2) More discussions and charges in the Natural Resources Recovery dispute. The contract will be re-bid, resolving future concerns. But a big lawsuit is looming for the past actions by both NRR and the County. Both sides may be considered in violation of the contract. No matter what, the attorneys involved will do OK. But don't be surprised if Knox County's legal fees become a major budget item. This is clearly a case for simple mediation.

The first two TIFs (Halls Willow Creek for $5M, and Campbell Station Extension for $1M) are coming up for final vote, now that the IDB has finished reports on the applications. If Commission votes yes for these commercial, not-"but-for" TIFs, we have opened up Pandora's box, and our existing budget woes will become much, much worse.

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