Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Great Day For Voting

Thanks to everyone who helped me at the polls yesterday. The weather couldn't have been better, and turnout was good. I met a lot of great people going in and out of the polls (and got some good questions as well). I missed the lunch crowd because of issues related to the Tedford Fire, but otherwise, I saw the polls being steady and busy.

Now what? Commission will be considering appointments. My preference is for Commission to appoint caretakers, and I understand that my August opponent, Ed Shouse, told the News-Sentinel he won't be seeking the appointment either. I'm a little anxious as to who they might select (we want good representation for the Fourth- we've waited too long!!), but going outside of me and Ed is probably best for everyone in the long run.

I've been impressed by Logan Brummitt and his attention to detail in the issues. Lee Tramel, although controversial, brings experience during the coming budgeting process. Being a lame duck and a KCSO employee would be considered a major conflict of interest in the budgeting process, though. Jim Smeltcher was the #2 vote in the GOP primary, and is well-respected.

The same issues for the Fourth exist in the 4-A appointment. Finbarr said he won't seek the appointment. I don't know about Ruthie. But Commission may be stuck with a lot of top choices taking themselves out of consideration, the exact point I made in November when they voted (wrongly, I argued then) to delay the appointments until February.

My top picks as a Fourth District resident? Elaine (who polled 46%+ in the 2006 general) and Jim or Logan. But hey, I'm just one resident.

Update- Walt Woljnar has put his resume in, and Logan should be putting his in as well. I didn't mention Walt because I thought he wasn't interested, but I think we have two excellent caretakers for the Fourth District.

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