Monday, August 4, 2008

Vote! AUGUST 7th. Vote!

Early voting totals are abysmal. I know it's hot. I've been walking in it at night, sweating buckets, going door to door. If I can do that, surely you can get out election day and vote.

Low participation doesn't help any of us. Maybe you're waiting for the tradition of voting election day, the festive atmosphere. I hope so.

Maybe the drag of the poor economy, high gas prices, and high food prices has you down. It's got us all down. But in this year especially, you have a chance to have a real impact. The Commission we vote in will set the tone for the county for the next 6-10 years, and that will have a major impact on the economy and liveability of this community.

Don't say your vote doesn't count. Look at Florida in 2000- a national election decided by less than 200 votes. There will absolutely be several close races in Knox County this Thursday.

Vote. And when you go, take a friend or two with you.

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