Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knoxville News-Sentinel Endorsements

Being an outside reform candidate, I never expected I would receive this. I toyed with the idea of not even going, but I thought to refuse the interview would send the wrong message.

For those who actually read the article, I should remind you that the News-Sentinel endorsed our current Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and George W. Bush (twice). The KNS also endorsed many of the term-limited commissioners, leading to Black Wednesday.

Yep, those endorsements and $3.80 still won't get you a gallon of gas. Now go vote, vote what YOU want (not what the newspaper wants), vote for something other than politics as usual, and take a friend with you.

Undecided? The bottom of this page has two good links to help you compare/contrast, and don't forget politicalknoxville.com.

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Eddie D. said...

The newspaper endorsements are a joke. I feel sorry for anyone who votes based on them.